Drives for Web Handling
Webs (such as paper, plastic films, fabrics, laminates) are flat products which can be shipped in sheet or roll forms.
The handling of webs requires Adjustable Speed Drives (ASD) or Variable Speed Drives (VSD) to power rollers and rolls as well as other rotating equipment used in Web Handling. Webs are subject to many defects. The drive system may contribute to some of these defects.
KlassENgineering specializes in the application, commissioning, tuning, and modification of drive systems to properly handle your web with a minimum of defects.
Drive and Product Quality Audits
We can work with your maintenance personnel and operators to provide a drive audit including measured performance of diameter calculators, drive speed regulators, and tension and position regulators. Most tests can be performed with the line running or between orders, thus minimizing the impact on production.
Increased Production
We can assist in the Specification, Electrical Drawings, Bill of Material and Commissioning of new or modified drive components for increasing either the line speed or maximum roll diameters used in your line. This may include changing speed reducer ratios, increasing power, modifications to the control scheme, or a total drive replacement.
Equipment Upgrades
We can assist in the Specification, Electrical Drawings, Bill of Material and Commissioning of new or modified drive components. We are experienced in interfacing with existing drives systems, drive masters and operator interfaces. This may include control modifications, addition of communications between the existing and new equipment, interfacing with the new equipment vendor, or a total drive replacement.
New equipment will involve a safety review. We can work with authorized professional engineers in your area to ensure the modifications comply with current applicable safety standards.
In Ontario, we provide Pre-Start Health and Safety Reviews for rotating and electrical equipment.
Assist Machine Builders
We can provide engineering services as required including:
• Equipment specification
• Electrical drawings
• Control strategy
• Safety audits and circuits
• Integration with existing equipment
• Programming
• Staging in your factory
• User and maintenance manuals
• On-site commissioning
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